Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Keeping your home in shape is nothing less than a challenge and housewives have to go throw this challenge everyday as they try their best to keep their homes neat and clear. In a home, the most challenging areas are perhaps the washrooms and kitchens because they require regular maintenance. Kitchen is an important area that should be free from dust and other contaminants. Kitchen cabinets are boxes where kitchen utensils are kept.

Kitchen items such as plates and spoons cannot be perfect if these cabinets are not clean. Proper cleaning increases the look of your kitchen. In Australia, most of the houses are made of wood and so as the kitchen cabinets. With the passage of time, the wood cabinets get dust that becomes difficult to handle at times; however, the wood cabinets can be kept in good condition with proper maintenance and dusting.

How to clean the interior of the cabinet:

Dealing the mild dust accumulation is easy as it just requires a dry piece of cloth to clean. The exteriors of any wood cabinet are particularly difficult to deal as compared to the interiors. To clean the interior, you will first remove all the items from cabinets. Before removing, make sure you have cleaned each item separately. Clean the interiors with a dry cloth. As the cabinet doors remain close most of the time, you will find nothing serious except the dust. Collect the dust with the cloth and take it out carefully.

How to clean the exterior of the cabinet:

As already mentioned, the exteriors can be extremely difficult if you do not do them frequently. It is because the steam produced during cooking pastes dust onto the exterior surface. This dust is of black color and can be seen on the sides and corners.  To clean the exteriors, throw some water onto the cabinet surface with the help of a bottle shower and clean off the dust rubbing the surface strongly.

Removing stain from glass panels:

You can use spray cleaner to clean your cabinet panels; however, it needs special attention. Do not dare to directly spray the glass, as it will damage the varnish.  Put some drops of cleaner on the cloth and rub the glass surface strongly until there remain no spots or dots on the glass.

Polishing cabinet exteriors:

A newly polished wood cabin can change the look of your entire kitchen. Polishing the cabinet exteriors can be challenging if this is the first time when you are going to do it. You should not directly apply the polish to the exterior of the cabinet. Use another dry cloth for this purpose. Pour some polish on the surface and then polish the exterior by rubbing the surface. The more you rub the surface, the more it will shine.

Cleaning Wood Kitchen Cabinets


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