The Skylight Installation Process


Skylight Installation ProcessInstalling a skylight over your roof by yourself is both useful and economical. It is useful in the sense it improves the aesthetics of your rooms, and economical as a private contractor would probably charge you five times more for the same task. One needs to be very careful while performing this task, as it can be extremely dangerous for your life; however, through proper information and using right tools, one can perform the task on his own and without any problem.

The very first step in this task is making a suitable cut in the ceiling where you exactly want to fit the skylight. Locate two ceiling rafters on the spot that you have chosen for it. You may also use a stud finder as well. Insert keyhole saw into drywall ceiling and go up to the attic.      

After cutting opening in drywall, you will cut the opening in the roof. Through careful examinations, make a cut in the roof similar in size and dimensions to the one you had made in the drywall. For this, take one corner of the drywall and measure it straight to the roof and mark the spot with the help of a chalk. Do other three corners in the same way. Drill all four marks and insert something in them so that it could be easy for you to find the four holes once you reach roof. After reaching on roof, you are now free to make cuts. Make sure no one is standing below.

As you have successfully made the cuts, you can now finally install the skylight. Take a cat’s paw and expose the plywood around the roof opening to about 16 to 24 inches.  Cat’s paw is used to find the nails holdings down the shingles. If everything goes right, you must be in a position to reuse the shingles. Once set in place, do not waste time in nailing. One by one, go on all the four sides of the skylight and nail them down with the help of a hammer.

As a next step, install the shingles and flashings. Flashings are pieces that keep water away from the skylight. To install shingles, you will have to work from the lowest point. Before you lay down rows of shingles, it will be better for you to nail a small piece of flashing next to the skylight. If need to cut some shingles, use your roofing knife and cut from underside, as cutting from top may quickly dull your blade. Your skylight has been installed successfully. Fill up any hole left in the ceiling by building a frame.


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